Skip, Skip, Skip…

On Tuesday, we competed in the Sunderland Skipping festival. We had so much fun and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience from the moment our coach came into school  back in February. We are pleased to say that we received a range of certificates across the skipping afternoon, including 5 Golds! Overall, we came 2nd in the competition. Year 4 have worked so hard on their individual skipping skills and the class skip dance so I would like to say a massive well done to you all!

Here we are feeling super proud with our certificates: IMG_0821

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We have also been to visit the chicks in Nursery, we thought they were super cute and fluffy, we loved how they cuddled into us..


Vicious Vikings

What a lovely start we have had to our Summer term. It was fantastic hearing all of the children’s adventurous stories from their Easter break which sounded like you all had fun! On Monday we watched a video clip to gather clues about our new topic. The clues lead us to ‘Vicious Vikings’. Since Monday, we’ve been busy turning our classroom into a Viking themed classroom. Take a look at what we’ve achieved so far:

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English has taken us into a new genre – Instructions. We have been exploring the text type features and their purpose. We have been writing, giving and following oral instructions to our friends. We have identified the importance of being very precise and using lots of details in our instructions to ensure you get the end result. Oh, we have also been focusing really hard on improving our handwriting by trying to make our writing a little bit smaller. Well done, you have all been fabulous at this.

We are continuing our learning with decimals in maths, we’re becoming experts with fractions and decimals! This week we have been dividing 1 and 2-digit numbers by 10 and exploring hundredths. All of the children have been applying their skills into reasoning and problem solving. Keep it up year 4!

We have dove straight into our new topic and identified Viking homelands and Viking settlements and we’ve identified why they invaded Britain. We have all been using the internet and books to research Lindisfarne, here are some of the interesting facts we’ve found:



Final week of Spring term!

Wow, what an amazing term we have had in year 4. I am so proud of all of the children and the fabulous learning they have completed, as you can see from all of the images below. They should all be super proud of themselves and deserve a well-earned rest over the Easter!

This week in Maths we have just began our work on decimals, building and using our knowledge on fractions. The children have used some excellent key vocabulary within their reasoning and problem solving.

Our Beauty and the Beast stories are now completed. I am so pleased with the hard work and effort that the children have put into their writing, they have been so adventurous with their vocabulary which has resulted in some excellent pieces of writing. Come back after Easter to see their writing displayed.

As our topic comes to end, we have finished with making our own flags using a running stitch. Here we are hard at work producing the final outcome:

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Have a safe and enjoyable Easter! See you all in Summer term.


Week Beginning 19.3.18

In Literacy we have been working on the opening of our stories. I am so impressed with the effort that everyone has put into their writing! I can’t wait for the stories to be completed so we can share the children’s creative imagination with you all. Come back next week to see them completed! We have been applying all of our skills into our writing and focusing on a range of adventurous vocabulary. Here’s some of our plans that we created before we started writing:

The children are super excited to be making European flags using their needle work skills. We have been practising a running stitch this week. Next week we are going to be making our flags and hanging them onto our display. I can’t wait to see them completed and the children can’t wait either.



Year 4 In Disguise!


New Penshaw’s World Book Day – can you recognise us? We have been having lots of fun in the role of our characters, even talking part in a mini run on the catwalk!


Another amazing week in Year 4! I hope the children have been filling you in on all of the fun learning we have been doing.

On Monday, we had a tennis coach in school to practise our skills to get ready for the competition that some of our wonderful children are going to be attending next week. We will keep you updated on that.

In Literacy, we have been creating some exciting character and setting descriptions linked to the classic French fairy-tale, Beauty and the Beast. We applied lots of skills into our writing. Come back soon to see some of writing.

Fractions, fractions and more fractions! We have been so resilient in year 4 while we have been working on fractions. This week our focus has been finding a fraction of a quantity and calculating a quantity – tricky stuff!

We have been using the internet to research a country of our choice and creating fact files, focusing on human and physical geography. Come back soon to see some of our work.


Week Beginning 5.3.18

We can’t believe that it’s Friday already! We have had a great week in Year 4.

In maths we have been extending our learning on fractions by adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator. We have also been using cubes, bar models and number lines to subtract fractions from a whole number. It has been tricky but we’re becoming experts!


We’ve been working on lots of different skills in English including conjunctions, adverbs and prepositions to express time, cause or place, as well as understanding and using a range of figurative language. We have been creating alliteration and similes to create an image in the readers head.

In Geography we’ve been locating capital cities within Europe. We have been using the internet to gather a range of information and to create profiles about different cities which helped us to find similarities and differences. We’re becoming experts at matching the flags to the correct country!

Don’t forget to keep skipping Year 4! Our festival is coming up soon. You can buy the skips from our school office for ¬£5!


P.S. here are a few photos of our completed display from Spring 1.


A Skip In Our Step! 19.2.18

Well, what a great start we have had to this half term! On Monday morning, we had a fabulous skipping coach in to show us a variety of skipping skills. This is to prepare us for our skipping festival in April. Here are some pictures of us perfecting the techniques:

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We have also been extra busy getting our classroom ready to begin out new topic ‘Our European Neighbours,’ here are some pictures of us getting our classroom ready:

Come back soon to see the start of our fabulous topic display!